As a storyteller, writing is one of the few ways that help me cope with the daily struggle of chronic pain. It allows me to explore the part of the journey I am on currently and share it with fellow travelers along the way. Below are a selection of the fruits of this venture, or what I like to call “Sandcastles”.



Andrea Leavensly, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, has always been fearless in the face of danger. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the war-torn villages of Iraq, Andrea will go the distance to ensure she gets first dibs on the big story. When her news agency receives a message from an anonymous source, stating that they are offering a one-on-one interview with the most wanted man in all the world, “Baba”, she is green-lighted to go and jumps on a plane to Ethiopia, her daring nature blinding her to the dangers that await her.

Baba-Act 1

Act II

The Man in The Ivory Tower

Aarav Patil shares with his grandson, Darshan, about the legendary Man in The Ivory Tower and his magnificent gift of healing.



Kyle Jenkins is haunted by his very tortured life. Having been shuttled from one foster home to another as a child, being an outcast comes naturally. Persecuted by the whispering of voices within his mind, he struggles to find some peace and normalcy in the midst of chaos. What seems to him a curse proves to be his purpose in life.