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Finding Relief In A World Of “Miracle Cures”: A Guide To Non-Traditional Treatments For CRPS/RND/RSD/APS/Fibromyalgia

Going through the gamete of finding a cure or treatment for chronic pain can be a royal pain in itself. We are constantly pointed in the direction of "miracle cures". Through my journey with APS, I am slowly sifting through... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Not Say To Someone With Chronic Pain

I found this article and thought it might help those who know someone with chronic pain. To see the rest of the article, go to It can be hard to know what to say, but here are the things you... Continue Reading →

The Very Real Wolf Among Us: A Brief Synopsis of CRPS, RSD, RND, AMPS, and Fibromyalgia

I wanted to take time to share with all of you about the many faces of chronic pain. For many, like Ruth Holm, a follower of this blog, most people wave us off like we are the boy who cried,... Continue Reading →

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