Treasures On The Sand

Bruised, Broken, Yet Still Loved


Encouraging Music

Bi-weekly music intended to encourage you on your journey.

Encouraging Music: Freedom Isn’t Free

Greetings everyone and Happy Independence Day! A while back, on Memorial day actually, I was very much led to write this song as a reminder to all of us in America, a country with many freedoms that were paid for... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Music: Treasure on the Sand

This song is very much, to me, the theme of the blog. We are all broken, bruised, and battered, but despite all of that, we are still a treasure of the Lord. I hope that He will use this to... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Music: Out Of The Ashes

This is one of the first songs the Lord inspired me to write as I was coming out of my second bout with CRPS. To me, it is a call to all who are struggling, whether it be physically, emotionally,... Continue Reading →

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