A wave of salt water smacks you across the face and you awaken violently, 
nearly throwing yourself back into the endless sea. You had hoped it was all 
just a nightmare, that you would wake up and be safely back on land in your 
comfortable bed. Sadly, this is not the case.

You push yourself up further onto the piece of wooden debris and look around. The storm subsided sometime during the night, and the blazing sun now bares down upon you, its reflection bouncing off the waves and into your bloodshot eyes. You squint to keep as much light out as possible.

As you gaze about your surroundings, the sight of vast ocean stretching out for miles on end with no sign of land seeming hopeless. Emotions flood over you as your heart sinks within you and your mind contemplates the disparity of your situation.

What is going to happen? Will anyone be searching for me? What if another storm comes? Is this the end?

These questions circulate in your brain as you draw up into a fetal position, the stress of it all so overwhelming. You let out an agonizing cry as the sea carries you onward. To where? That remains to be seen.

When an unexpected odyssey comes knocking at our door, whether it is a family tragedy or chronic illness, we are flooded by all sorts of emotions, from sadness to anxiety, even anger. When left unchecked, these negative emotional states can consume us and send us tumbling down into a deep, dark pit. Those who are close to us take the brunt of these nasty emotions, only adding fuel to the flame.

But do not fret, fellow traveler!

You are human. It is only natural to have these emotions. Reaction is something we are masters of, so be kind to yourself.

As we face these emotional elements (Sadness, Anxiety, Anger), one of the things that makes them so impossible to overcome is the belief that we have no control.

This is a falsehood.

To better comprehend, we must understand that we do have control over our mind and, in turn, our emotions. As mentioned in a previous post, the mind is the king of the body; the heart its queen. What the king and queen dictate becomes law in the realm.

Here is the catch: You are the supreme ruler over the king and queen!

Checkmate! You call the shots. you tell your brain and heart what to do or think.

You may think I have completely lost my marbles, but believe me, I was in your very shoes not too long ago. However, once I saw the difference in my own life, I was astonished. Though I am still learning more myself, what I have gleaned so far has transformed my life for the better.

As we continue through this series, we will learn ways to tame the emotional elements that loom over us and how we can overcome our natural instinct to react, and instead respond in a manner that is life-altering in a far better way.

Keep moving forward, fellow traveler!