“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

In comic book stories, we see many tales of superheroes fighting a plethora of villains, many times solo. However, when an even greater threat arises that is beyond any one hero’s power to vanquish, they unite to fight the common foe.

During the five years I battled CRPS, I thought I could be the lone wolf, plunging into the darkness alone to fight this vicious menace. It took me almost four years to come to grips with the fact that I was foolish to try go it alone. I fell into a pit of despair, hopelessness clouding my vision to the point I could not see the light anymore. It was only when I found others fighting the same war that I felt hope fill my soul again. I found allies who had walked the same path I walked and understood fully the enemy we faced. We could encourage each other through the good days and bad. Through our bond, we plunged into battle once more, supporting and encouraging each other, renewed with a spirit of hope and determination for victory.

Combating chronic pain is a fight that is overwhelming when you attempt to go through it alone. You are like a captain without a crew stuck in the stormy sea, wrestling against the formidable waves.

No battle is easy to fight alone.

Only together with other warriors can you surmount the overwhelming odds chronic pain brings your way.

“Ants, fighting together, will vanquish the lion.” This quote by Saadi paints a vivid picture of a united front against a seemingly impossible challenge.

Take the wheel of your ship, and together, steer toward the light of hope, knowing one day you will reach the shore.

As Sonia Gandhi profoundly stated, “Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.”

Today on CRPS Awareness Day, and all throughout this month, unite with fellow fighters and strive to find victory over this monstrous foe.

Keep up the fight!