“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” -Unknown

It is a very surreal experience, being without chronic pain. There is a sense of amazing freedom, yes, but there is also this gnawing in your soul almost. Even stepping into my home, there is this hesitation I have within my being.

Do I have the same pain I had endured for five years?


It is just that, even though I am past all of that, my body still recalls that time and puts itself in a state of hesitation.

Life after chronic pain has two pathways you can walk, the “remission” road or the cured road. The “remission” road is one of doubt and fearfulness, wondering if it is truly gone or, even worse, when it will come back. On the other hand, the cured road is one of triumph and overcoming, never looking back, foot on the gas, and accelerating off into the new horizon.

Which one am I?

Well, though my body wants to go “remission” road, my brain and I are taking the reins and steering us onto the cured road. Will there always be that tingling sense of hesitancy? Yes. However, when that thought comes across my mind, I immediately snuff it out with the quote by the wise Rafiki,

“It does not matter, it is in the past.”

I urge you that, when you finally find yourself at the summit, having left your chronic pain behind, LEAVE IT THERE! Move forward with your life and never, ever, look back!