The finish line draws near!

Well, week eight has been a breeze! With it came some great news!

First, thanks to Luther Ciphers and the Kayak Anglers Community, we were able to purchase our very own ARPwave machine and, as of Wednesday, I am officially doing ARP on my own! Yes, i get to electrocute myself from now on. Fun, fun, fun!

It is still amazing to me how far I have come. So incredible!

One thing that will really be such an impact for me will be tomorrow, my twentieth birthday.

The first birthday in five years that I can enjoy without the shackles of CRPS!

To me, that will truly be the beginning of this new chapter of my life. Thank you all again so much for your encouragement and support that has carried me to this point. You have all been such a blessing to me and my family.

And so, week nine, here I come!