Greetings once again, everyone!

The finish line is getting closer!

Well, week six has come to a close and I continue to grow stronger everyday, which is just fan-flippin-tastic!

The only hiccup that entered into the picture this week was a small infection that decided to sneak in and take up residence in my body on Wednesday. It has not inhibited me from progressing, but it did bring a nice time to slow down a bit. My body was a little worn down from hitting that 100 consistently in ARP, so it was like, “Okay, Gabe! Woah woah woah! Need a breather for a bit!”

And that’s okay!

I am just very thankful that, even though I have this infection, my pain remains at zero which is so awesome!

Other than that, everything continues to progress out here in Arkansas! Will continue to keep you all updated on my progress.

Week seven, here I come!