Hello all and Happy Easter to you!

Hope your Easter Sunday is going well!

As we approach the beginning of my sixth week here in Arkansas, I continue to grow stronger and continue to heal. I am so grateful to all of you for your prayers and support during this time.

IMG_1090I began week five on a high note with the arrival of my brother Caleb, who hung out with me through the week, even got to try out a little ARP (made it to 25, which is pretty good for his first session 😉).

We also went out and hiked a two-mile trail, which I have not done in so long without CRPS.

To put a cherry on top, it was raining and, I cannot explain it, but I had this sudden boost of confidence and powered through the hike. Such an awesome experience!

I am now entering into week six with open arms and buckets full of energy and hope! I hope you will continue your support as I venture forth.