Wow, such a whirlwind of a first week!

From Monday all the way through Thursday, I’ve learned and seen so much. I have met so many others who fight CRPS on a daily basis and the camaraderie we all have is incredible. It is all overwhelming at first, so to have Friday through Sunday off is great to recuperate.

Dr. Katinka, her family, and staff are so awesome and compassionate. Each one of them have their specialties, but they all come together to run this well-oiled machine.

As for me, this first week was a rollercoaster. I had good and bad days, but there were a lot more good days, so that is what counts. One thing I have learned being here is that a positive attitude goes a long way toward the healing process.

This is just the first week!

As the second week begins, I eagerly await what it brings.