“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” -Kenji Miyazawa

With chronic pain, it can be very difficult to see the glass half-full. Most days, we are battered by so much pain that we find ourselves being very miserable to be around.

We allow the pain to define us.

Now, for a moment, imagine that you are staring at a mirror through shattered lenses. Through these glasses, you wake up every day and find that the mirror looks to be broken to pieces. To you, this a normal occurrence and so you go about your day without a second thought. Now envision an older gentleman walks up to you and says,

“Hey, there seems to be something wrong with your glasses. Here, use mine. They should help you see better.”

Later that day, you return home and look in the mirror to make a wondrous discovery.

The mirror is not a shattered, dilapidated pile of puzzle pieces, but an all-together magnificent piece of furniture that sparkles like crystal.

All this month, we will be exploring ways of taking the vicious beast known as chronic pain and shining new light to reveal ways of how pain is actually making you a better person.

Are you ready to join me?