This is a poem by thirteen-year-old Chase Kell, a fellow AMPS fighter, who has been an inspiration, not only to myself, but so many others who suffer with chronic pain. She recently wrote this very powerful poem for her English class and has allowed me to share it with all of you. I hope it is a blessing for you today.

Life is unfair
By Chase Kell

Life is unfair
I am in pain
Seems like it rains
Not going down a drain
It’s in a big chain
That won’t break
So I have an ache
That will make me wake
Sometimes I feel depressed
But I try to do my best
And I am blessed
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I think just why
Pain started at the right
Then to my left
Pain was a theft
So I must fight
I must fight to see the bright light
So I don’t have to see the dark light