“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” -Sigmund Freud

Emotion is one of the cornerstones of being human. They allow us to feel, to express ourselves, and to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us as we continue on our journey through life. However, they can also be a hinderance to us, especially for all those who struggle daily with chronic pain.4064df03e3d7fb1401f26e85c6d4a7c5

Recently, due to my nerves being so heightened in pain, I have found myself lashing out at my loving mother, something that, if I was in my right mind, I would never do because she has truly been a blessing, standing by my side through all these past four years.

There are types of people, like myself, who bottle up their emotions because I do not want to burden others with them. This may seem okay at the time, but down the line, it leads to me lashing out majorly, unleashing that raw emotion upon those close to me like fire spewing from a dragon’s fiery lungs, burning everything in its wake. Not only that, but storing it made my pain increase. On the flip side, anytime I do lash out, I end up paying for it with more pain as well.

This is one of the most difficult scenarios I have found myself in during these last four years and, though I still struggle with this, I have found one solution (and, yes, I know there are many) of how best to deal with this situation.

Don’t Bottle Up Your Emotions!

Yes, you have probably heard this before, but hear me out. For some people, this easier said than done. The best way I can picture it is taking a bottled soda and shaking it, building up pressure within. When we lash out, it is like quickly taking the cap off the bottle, allowing all that built up energy to spew out all at once. The best way to relieve all that stored emotion is in increments, slowly removing the cap on the bottle and letting that energy fizz out slothfully until it has all been released.

Again, easier said than done. I have been on this journey with chronic pain for four years and I still struggle with this. It is not something one can master overnight, nor can it be done alone. Don’t take my word for it! Go ask a counselor or psychologist to help you find ways of releasing your emotions in a safer manner. You can also research online and find techniques others have used.

Emotions are one of the greatest characteristics we have as human beings. We just have to learn how to control them, so they do not control us.

I have left some links down below to sites with tips on releasing those stored emotions that I have found to be helpful. I hope you find them to be a help as well.