“It is not how you hit the mat, it’s how you get up.” -Jonathan “Battling Jack” Murdock, Netflix’s Daredevil, S01E02

At some point in our journey through life, we all find ourselves struggling with difficult obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. We try and try and try again, but all our effort amounts nothing. This causes us to enter into the dreaded pit of despair.black-and-white-daredevil-49309-1920x1080

In all honesty, I, myself, have hit a brick wall in recent weeks with my AMPS, feeling as though I would not come out of the major pain episode I was having. It felt like every step I took forward, I was taking three steps in the opposite direction.

This reminded me of one of my more recent favorites in the superhero universe, Daredevil. To give you a brief synopsis on the character, Matthew Murdock (Daredevil) was in an accident that involved a truck carrying radioactive chemicals (I know, cliche right?) The chemicals blinded him for the rest of his life, but supercharged his other senses. At this time, he could have easily given up on life and wallowed in his sorrows.

Then, his mentor, another blind man who goes by the name Stick, comes along and whips the boy into shape, training him in all forms of martial arts. He grows up and, after completing his time at law school, becomes a full fledged lawyer, fighting to defend the common man. However, at night, he dons his vigilante alter-ego and beats criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, earning him the title of “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”, or as he would later be called, “Daredevil”.

Now, do not think that I am saying that to overcome obstacles, you must don a costume and go out and beat the tar out of criminals. Not at all!

Here is the point: Matt could have easily given up on life and allowed his blindness to define him. Instead, he overcame that obstacle and became more than just a blind kid, he became a hero.

Today, whatever obstacles you face, know that all obstacles can be conquered. However, most times we cannot do it on our own. That is why God has said He is always with us in the midst of trials and can bear any burden we carry. If you are too weak to overcome your struggle, ask Him for aid and He will give it.