Yes, I know you were expecting the next installment of Baba yesterday day, but sadly I am still greatly struggling with the pain syndrome today, making it very difficult to think, even with writing this post. I have not felt this bad since last year around this time, so, again, I apologize for not being able to post Baba both last Friday and Monday.

However, I would like to share a few dangers I am currently fighting against that I want to share with you guys because, to be honest, I am REALLY struggling with them.

1: The bed is NOT your friend, but sometimes it has to be.

This is one I know many of us with chronic pain struggle with because on some days we are in so much pain that we do not feel like getting up. For me, especially during this past weekend, I was in my bed for most of it because the pain was causing me extreme fatigue. No matter how much I tried to get up and try to do other things, I was just so beat that all I could do was just sleep.

2: Pushing yourself when you should not!

This is a big one for me, because I have a servant heart, wanting to do everything without regard for my own self. However, it’s not worth doing it if you go down hill every time you do it. SO DON’T DO IT! Again, this is for both of us.

3: Always ask for help!

Lastly, always ask for help! NO, IT WON’T KILL YOU! This battle is extremely hard to fight alone. THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM! 

I hope you find encouragement from this. I do not usually ask this, but please pray me that God will grant me strength to overcome this. Thank you.