light-at-end-of-tunnelHaving chronic pain can be a very daunting path to travel. For every step you take forward into the light, it can be very easy to fall three steps backwards into the darkness. That is why, as a writer, I write to inspire hope, that even though the darkness may seem overwhelming, the light at the end of the tunnel is still achievable. I want to give you the extra strength you need to push yourself to find that light. Though it may not cure you, I hope it will encourage you to keep seeking the light in your everyday world.
As a storyteller, my journey began when I was eleven years old. I was leisurely drawing one day when an idea crossed my mind to draw a city rising out of the sea. Though I was no Michelangelo, as many would agree, I endeavored to draw this idea. Soon, after I finished the first drawing, more ideas came to me, and, before long, a story began to formulate in my mind. I quickly finished the drawings and began to write a story based on them. After spending an entire summer on it, I finished this story and called it The Peacekeepers.

Picture of city rising out of the sea.

Over the span of four years, more ideas came to mind and I began to write more , from fantasy to sci-fi to historical fiction. To fuel my imagination further, I would go out into the woods behind our house and reenact these plots in my own little dramas, many times with my friends as the characters. This has sparked many story lines that are still in development to this day.


As I matured, so did my writing. My stories became more complex, and I started building worlds within them. Being an avid comic book fan, I would create my own variants of my favorite characters, tweaking them to fit into the worlds I had created. Those were good times.

Then APS entered my life. The worlds I had created soon faded into the shadows as I fell into the pit of despair, not willing to enter them again because they were a piercing reminder of my life without pain: a life that no longer existed.  When I did occasionally return to them , they began to become darker and full of a rage that was constantly filling my soul because I was angry at my Father for allowing this suffering to come into my life.

However, in 2016, my perspective on writing and my fight with chronic pain were drastically changed when I began The Creative Way, a course in writing transformational fiction created by one of my all-time favorite authors, Ted Dekker. In the course, Ted talks about how, as a storyteller, we write to explore our own lives, and we invite the reader to join us on our journey. It was not so much that that smacked me up side the head, but a quote that he used from one of his own stories, Kiss.

“Pain or perspective, that’s the choice…You choose pain – you choose to fight it, deny it, bury it – then yes, the choice is always hard. But you choose perspective – embrace your history, give it credit for the better person it can make you, scars and all – the choice gets easier every time.” 

This hit me right between the eyes. For too long, I had allowed the pain to define me as both a person and a writer. Yes, the darker stories I had written during that time were justcandle-in-the-dark as important as the ones I wrote prior to pain entering my life, but these were only markers on my journey. My Father was molding me, like a potter with his clay, into both the man and storyteller He wanted me to be. The only thing standing in the way was ME.

As I continue down the road my Heavenly Father has set before me, I invite you to join me as we travel through life together. Though I may not be able to take your pain away, I hope and pray that, through the stories I tell,  I can give you just a glimmer of light to help you find your way. It can be very easy to just allow the darkness to consume you. I know from experience. But, do not give up, for we can find the light together

If you are interested in The Creative Way, check it out here,