Treasures On The Sand

Gabriel King, Storyteller

The Arkansas Chronicles: Chapter VIII

The finish line draws near! Well, week eight has been a breeze! With it came some great news! First, thanks to Luther Ciphers and the Kayak Anglers Community, we were able to purchase our very own ARPwave machine and, as... Continue Reading →

The Arkansas Chronicles: Chapter VII

Seven weeks down, a few more to go! Week seven here in Arkansas has been a bit of a chill week. Towards the beginning, I was still recovering from my brief infection, so I was unable to do active ARP... Continue Reading →

Killing The Dragon: Taking The “Chronic” Out of Chronic Pain

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” -Thomas Edison For many of us, when we hear or see the word "chronic" in front of pain, it often feels like this dagger has been thrust into our heart... Continue Reading →

The Arkansas Chronicles: Chapter VI

Greetings once again, everyone! The finish line is getting closer! Well, week six has come to a close and I continue to grow stronger everyday, which is just fan-flippin-tastic! The only hiccup that entered into the picture this week was... Continue Reading →

The Arkansas Chronicles: Chapter V

Hello all and Happy Easter to you! Hope your Easter Sunday is going well! As we approach the beginning of my sixth week here in Arkansas, I continue to grow stronger and continue to heal. I am so grateful to... Continue Reading →

The Arkansas Chronicles: Chapter IV

Hello again, all! Well, week four has come and gone, and with it has come even more improvement. As continue on this journey, continuing to maintain zero pain, I have been able to achieve greater heights in my treatment. Towards... Continue Reading →

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