Treasures On The Sand

Gabriel King, Storyteller

Being a “Wounded Healer” : Helping To Encourage Those Who Follow

"You come out of suffering sometimes scarred. But you come out, anyway, a stronger become, yourself, a wounded healer." -Bobby Schuller As a chronic pain warrior, have you ever thought of yourself as a healer? Not a physical healer,... Continue Reading →

Seeing Is Not Always Believing: How Chronic Pain Warriors Allow Others’ Perception To Shape Them

"What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing." C.S. Lewis Your hanging out with some friends and they decide to do something that you cannot physically do. You have told them over and over again... Continue Reading →

You Do Not Fight This Alone

In our daily battles with chronic pain, it can be very easy to feel that you are alone in your struggle, especially in the beginning. You feel that you are the only person in the world who deals with this... Continue Reading →

10 Favorite Inspirational Quotes For Chronic Pain Warriors

This post from The Unbroken Smile caught my attention and thought it might help encourage some of those who may be struggling today with their pain. I hope it does.

Identity Crisis: You vs Your Chronic Pain

"Don't let your struggle become your identity." -Unknown In our daily battles with chronic pain, it can be very easy to lose ourselves in the fight, allowing our pain to define who we are. We toss and turn, struggling for control.... Continue Reading →

Baba-Act I

Hey guys! This is the complete collection of chapters you have previously read, now culminated into the first act of Baba. I am beginning to write up the next few chapters for Act II, so this will be a refresher for you... Continue Reading →

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